"Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of a nation."

Margaret Mead

Help us grow an intergenerational movement of wisdom and compassion

We seem to have created a world many young people do not want to grow up in. At a time of increasing societal instability our young people are witnessing the adult world pulling apart rather than uniting to address the multitude of challenges we face.

We believe we need to do much better. We need to show that it is possible to reach across our perceived divides and address our challenges in ways that are respectful, cooperative and kind.

Support our 'friendraiser'

We are a small fledgling organisation, created by a mother and  teenage son. We are dedicated to connecting teenagers with the adults who care about their future, to explore wise and compassionate ways to navigate the 21st Century.

We invite you to become part of this vision.

After a very successful launch of our Crazy Beautiful Conversations programme in 2021, we are all set to ignite intergenerational conversations across the UK and beyond.

Your support will allow us to: 

  1. Run our Intergenerational Workshops in schools and communities
  2. Develop and distribute our Crazy Beautiful Conversations Toolkit
  3. Record our podcasts, highlighting the people making the world a better place – our Human Signposts to the Beautiful.

We will keep you updated via a quarterly newsletter and invite you to share your ideas on how to transform the Crazy to the Beautiful and protect the future for the next generation.

This workshop allowed me to gain trust from different generations and feel safe with sharing and expressing ideas and thoughts. I felt really engaged and just felt like I wanted more time to do this.

- Teen participant

         This ‘seed’ could hardly be more relevant, more timely, and more needed – its potential is immense...

-  Stephen Sterling, Emeritus Professor of Sustainability Education, University of Plymouth

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