Shaping futures with wisdom and compassion

Crazy Beautiful World is dedicated to building a more compassionate and wise world through fostering meaningful connection across perceived differences. 

It all started with a conversation between a mother and son, about young people’s need to connect with adults who care about their future.

How does it feel to grow up in the 21st Century?

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The poem for this video was written by our 16-year old Co-Founder Awen in 2021.

let's be honest about

the crazy

We believe it’s time for adults to admit that the world they are handing down to the next generation has been degraded and endangered by ways of living which no longer serve us.

Once we stop pretending everything is under control we can start getting creative about how to shape the future our young people deserve.

let's pay attention to

the beautiful

There is so much beauty in this world – often hiding in plain sight – but with all the noise,  distraction and bad news cycles it can sometimes be hard to see. 

We are on a mission to draw attention to people who are making the world a better place and protecting the future for the next generation. 

Let's shape the future with


At a time of increasing social division  we need – more than ever – to find ways to develop our collective wisdom and compassion.

We need to stay connected and become each other’s signposts for the world we want to protect and rebuild.


let us hear

your insights

We need new ways of approaching the challenges we face. It’s time to listen to the wisdom of young people, as well as their concerns and hopes for the future.

If you are 13-19 this conversation starts with you – your questions and ideas, and the topics that matter to you.

join our

crazy beautiful conversations

Want to know what might happen when we really start listening to each other’s stories? What we might discover when we let go of our preconceived ideas of how the world works and find solutions together?

Our Crazy Beautiful Conversations workshop brings together people of all ages to learn how to reach across barriers to create the connections we need  to navigate the future.

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"We must connect the two generations - we are more powerful together. I feel more trusting of the older generation! "

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"I'm really happy that I came. I felt like this was a great place where I could express my thoughts and opinions and feel listened to. "


"Lovely to connect and talk, discuss and think with adults, bonding through similarities, experiences and ideas. I will seek out this connection with the older generation again."

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"I really loved the community and atmosphere. I felt empowered having my voice heard and recognised as valid."

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"It was so inspiring and meaningful to experience the older and younger generations connecting more and more as the workshop progressed. Many thanks for a wonderful and thought-provoking morning."


"This workshop allowed me to gain trust from different generations and feel safe with sharing and expressing ideas and thoughts. I felt really engaged and just felt like I wanted more time to do this. "

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"I very much enjoyed what we spoke about. It gave me the opportunity to express opinions and feel heard."


"A very worthwhile and rare experience to share and be together, with honesty and openness, across the generations. Beautifully facilitated and really special space that is much needed in society."

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"I felt inspired and privileged to hear from young people whose intelligence and understanding was inspiring and positive. I would like to have more opportunities to engage with young people and hear what they have to say."


"I thoroughly enjoyed today - it felt eye-opening, comforting, empowering. It felt amazing to listen to others and have my voice heard. I feel that we really connected between the generations."

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come and listen to

the tales we live by

Crazy Beautiful World has been partnering with Care Nest Plymouth CIC to grow resilient, supportive and compassionate communities in Plymouth through our Tales To Live By project.
Our Living Room sessions bring people together to share stories, make art and get to know people from all walks of life in a welcoming and convivial setting that feels like home.
Visit the project website here.

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