The poem for this video was written by our 16 year old Co-Founder Awen in 2021.

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crazy beautiful world

Crazy Beautiful World is a social enterprise that connects  teens and adults to explore, with open hearts and minds, the challenges of growing up in the 21st Century.

It all started with a conversation between a mother and son. Read about OUR STORY and our mission with link

let's be honest about

the crazy

We believe it’s time for adults to admit that the world they are handing down to the next generation is full of uncertainty and our current ways of living no longer serve us.

Once we stop pretending everything is under control we can start getting creative about how to shape the future our young people deserve.

let's pay attention to

the beautiful

There is so much beauty in this world – often hiding in plain sight – but with all the noise,  distraction and bad news cycles it can sometimes be hard to see. 

We are on a mission to draw attention to people who are making the world a better place and protecting the future for the next generation. 

and shape the future with


By drawing attention to the beautiful we become each other’s signposts for the world we want to protect and rebuild.

In a world that seems crazy and divided we need, more than ever, to find ways to stay connected and develop our collective wisdom and compassion.

That’s how we transform the crazy into the beautiful.



your insights

We believe we need new ways of looking at our challenges and it’s time to listen to the wisdom of young people, as well as their concerns and hopes for the future.

If you are 14-19 this conversation starts with you – your questions and ideas, and the topics that matter to you.

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Want to know what might happen when we really start listening to each other’s stories? What we might discover when we let go of our preconceived ideas of how the world works and find solutions together?

Our Crazy Beautiful Conversations workshop brings together teens and adults to learn how to reach across barriers to create the connections we need  to navigate the future.


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“The storyteller knows that the timelessness found in listening is always the ground of all existence.”

Laura Simms – Storyteller, Author, Humanitarian

Our Crazy Beautiful Stories programme explores how the rich folklore and mythology of oral cultures may help us answer the following questions:

  • How do our current issues relate to the larger universal questions that humans have always faced?
  • What can we learn from non/pre-industrial societies about what it means to live a good life?
  • What ancient stories do we need now to guide us into the future?

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We are grateful for the generous financial support we have received from the Emergence Foundation and our ongoing partnerships with ThoughtBox Education and Charter for Compassion

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